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Case Study Windmill Software Inc.

Toronto, Ontario

Windmill software's new application provides community managers key insights to optimize services provided

Windmill Software is the leading provider of Operations Management Solutions for Senior Living Communities. Known for quality, Windmill Software has helped define Operations Management best practices across the industry. Windmill had outsourced product development in the past. They no longer wanted an outsourcer. This time they wanted a partner. A partner who could

  • "Blue-sky" the future in joint think-tank design sessions, bringing deep BI knowledge learned through practical experience;
  • Lead with a senior team of onshore developers helping Windmill take advantage of SR&ED credits;
  • Leverage existing technology investments to maximize financial savings; and
  • Blend best-of-breed software and design to deliver an outstanding solution.

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Challenge accepted

To partner with a software development company that could bring an experienced team of local resources, co-design a product driven by joint thought-leadership and deliver a leading edge solution that would enable Windmill to retain its reputation as a leader and visionary in Software for Senior Living Communities.

Solution delivered

The WorxHub Business Intelligent engine provides a hosted enhancement to the existing WorxHub product, delivering deep business insight spanning multiple locations and decision points. Highly interactive and graphically detailed, trends and trouble-spots can be understood at a glance, helping business managers make better decisions, improving outcomes and increasing customer satisfaction.


  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft Reporting Services
  • Google Charts
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft Reporting Services
  • Google Charts
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft Reporting Services
  • Google Charts
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft Reporting Services
  • Google Charts

Benefits of deliverable

A separate module, these plugs seamlessly into the existing product line, enhancing the solutions that Windmill can offer their customers.

Existing customers are thrilled with the improved reporting capabilities.

The analysis tool is simple to use so that each department can access exactly what they need to know to better perform.

Windmill has increased sales to new and existing customers improving their competitive market position.

Customer satisfaction has increased dramatically with improved business insight delivered by a powerful new tool.

Solution details

Windmill Software customers use TheWorxHub software to track everything across their operation including housekeeping, work orders, inventory, appliance repairs, social activities, medical appointments and detailed financial information. Most of the Senior Living Communities who use the software operate locations across multiple geographies. They were collecting vast volumes of data and FD understood exactly how to unlock that data and transform it into self-serve business intelligence.

FD Solutions knew that power and flexibility would be a critical element contributing to the success of TheWorxHub. Enabling the stakeholder at Living Communities to drill into individual locations and report on a wide variety of data sets as well as to roll-up the data to understand global trending. Where are costs rising? How can quality be improved? What is driving resident satisfaction? How can we improve response times?

In parallel, FD realized that for best results, this data needed to be presented in both a numerical and visual format. Business managers needed to be able to spot trends with a simple glance- graphs and charts would be critical to success.

Using the power of Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services, the FD team divided the data into cubes which are accessed to render the charts and graphs as queried. Due to the sheer volume of information, the users never query the live database – instead a parallel system is used to drive all of the business intelligence reports – resulting in near real time insight.

Windmill Software Screenshot

Google chart technology was seamlessly integrated so that individuals have a simple interface to work with – one that can tap into multiple data sources. Pre- designed templates enable the users to build their own reports. Microsoft Reporting Services is used to create all of the PDF reporting requirements.

Fully hosted by Windmill, users can now log-on to an online dashboard and quickly see the status of their work-orders including priority queuing and other key elements to managing their business. The scheduling calendar has been modified to make it a drag-and-drop experience which has simplified the coordination and rescheduling of staff as priorities and needs change. And reporting is a breeze, delivering unparalleled insight across all facets of the business, empowering decision-making by key stakeholders.

A few words about the project


Providing deep insight into operations via a dynamic analytics layer was an idea rattling around in our brains for several years. Your diverse set of skills allowed this to become a reality and WorxIQ was the outcome.

— VP Product at Windmill Software Inc.

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