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Case Study BrandProtect

Toronto, Ontario

Fast, evolving solution scans internet 24/7 to protect brands

BrandProtect is an industry leader that protects companies against fraud, phishing attacks and other online offences, helping them safely leverage the power of the Web. BrandProtect needed a time-critical solution that closed the gap for its clients and protected them against risks that BrandProtect's competitors weren't even aware of. FD Solutions delivered on this make-or-break need.

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Challenge accepted

Build and maintain a state-of-the art technology platform capable of monitoring the entire Internet for references to clients' brands.

Solution delivered

FD Solutions worked with BrandProtect to help it define its business model, build its entire Internet scanning system, and leverage its core data pipeline to expand its business.


  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • XML
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • XML
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • XML
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • XML

Benefits of deliverable

One of the world's largest type-specific databases neutralizes fast-emerging threats that others haven't yet seen. As of 2006 was over 8 terabytes of data and continuously growing.

A combination of cutting edge technology and human analysis drives market-leading precision and relevancy in the analysis of big data.

Clients spend time on their business, not guarding the gate or building security-specific competencies.

A flexible architecture allowed for the solution to be extended in order to perform online research.

Solution details

By relying on an agile methodology, FD created a highly flexible technology platform capable of evolving to keep pace with the ever-changing nature of Internet content. This is critical for protecting against brand-related infractions, because the threats constantly evolve. FD developed a platform that, by virtue of its flexible architecture, can detect and respond to the most recent threat types.

The solution needed to be fast as well. Conventional database wisdom, however, dictates that large databases will typically be relatively slow to update themselves. Not here. FD architected its database to be both very large, and to have a high update rate. This allows it to scan a greater range of potential infractions without getting bogged down by its size. In terms of sheer database transaction volume, at the time the application was launched the only thing that came close was the NASDAQ, which only deals with two significant peak periods per day. The solution that FD built for BrandProtect runs full out, 24/7. Online threats to a company's brand don't take vacations, so neither does this solution.

BrandProtect is unique in its involvement of human analysts in theprocess. Once the automated components of the platform have produced an initial relevancy report, human categorizers take over. They analyze and categorize the data in a deeper manner and help develop detailed reports for clients. It is this human involvement that sets FD's platform apart from all others and ensures optimal precision and relevancy.

This platform, which FD initially developed to search for potential brand infractions across Web sites, search engines, news sites, mailing lists and news groups, is also extremely flexible in what information it can gather and how it can be analyzed. In fact, that it has been evolved by BrandProtect's sister company BrandIntel to scan social networking sites such as online forums, communities, and blog s. The platform allows the company to expand into new verticals and tap into new revenue streams without developing new system functionality, this kind of agility is visible on the bottom line.

BrandProtect Screenshot

Relying on the Microsoft SQL Serverâ„¢-based technology platform that FD developed, as of 2006 BrandProtect stored over 64 billion links mapped for eight billion URLs and 210 million Web sites in its database. With over eight terabytes of data, this continually growing database has won several industry awards. More critically, the robust architecture is highly scalable and cost effective, making it an ideal basis for current and projected big data analytical needs.

On a day-to-day basis, the results are impressive: as of 2006 the solution had so far processed hundreds of millions of e-mail messages, detected tens of thousands of unique attacks, and responded to them. This achievement has also been recognized. Not only did BrandProtect beat out 2,300 competing firms in the 2006 Microsoft Partner Awards Program in the "Winning Customer" category, but FD was also honoured by Microsoft as the best data management solutions provider.

Access to this kind of analytical and response capability allowed BrandProtect to rapidly establish itself as a leader in the brand protection market.

A few words about the project


The foundation produced by your work at BrandProtect has provided years of flexibility and the platform has provided a key driver for evolution and innovation in the services BrandProtect provides.

— IT Manager at BrandProtect

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