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Digital Marketing

The FD Solutions customer experience management team is proud to offer popular digital marketing services that meet ever-increasing consumer expectations using online marketing techniques:

  1. Predictive Analytics for extracting information from various data sources to determine patterns and trends and anticipate customer preference and needs.
  2. Content Marketing for creating a successful content strategy, in the right context to allow marketers to solve the needs of their customers and address their challenges for the right solutions.
  3. Personalization for looking at customers as individuals, rather than “one size fits all” campaigns, increasing customer satisfaction, conversion and revenue, while decreasing costs and time.

The FD Solutions Customer Experience and Digital Marketing team works with your team and objectives…

Digital Marketing Graphic

We provide a complete 360° view of the customer

  1. Interactions across channels
  2. Dynamic mapping of customer behavior to personas
  3. Dynamic personalization and campaign optimization

We build context marketing using an integrated platform

  1. Analytics
  2. Path Analysis
  3. Marketing Automation
  4. Cross-Channel Federated Experience Management

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