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The experience to build the right solution Software Development

Custom software to meet your needs

With over 30 years of custom software development experience, we recognize that each business is different. This is why we architect, design, and implement development projects tailored to the specific needs of your business.

For some solutions, utilizing cloud services is the key to deliver on-demand, scalable infrastructure to quickly provision resources to meet your growing business needs. Cloud providers like Azure, Amazon and Google allow customers to scale-up and scale-out as required to properly build and test their applications, whether or not they are destined to run on premises or in the cloud.

Customized solutions, greater results

With some of the best technical minds in the industry, we continue to exceed industry averages by offering:

  • Higher project success rates
  • Superior performance and usability
  • Increased scalability and security
  • Effective knowledge transfer

Our Process

The best intentions fail to come to fruition without a good plan. And a good plan has structure and milestones while still allowing adjustments as needed. We favour an adaptive rather than predictive approach and that allows flexibility in our plan when designing and implementing our custom software development solutions. Because we have completed thousands of client projects since 1989, we know how to deliver successful solutions.

We start with establishing clear ground rules

  • Engagement structure – how roles and responsibilities are assigned, controlled, and coordinated for the FD-Client team
  • Communications plan – how we ensure transparency and effectiveness
  • Expectation management – how expectations are captured, monitored, and influenced
  • Escalation approach – how we anticipate project challenges and provide guidance to the overall team
  • Approval process – how we set frequent client approval points so that we can demonstrate that our solution is constantly meeting the project goals and objectives

This ensures everyone is starting with a clear understanding of the team structure and the project doesn't get stalled or delayed due to misunderstandings.

We build the team and the plan

  • Create small dedicated teams – focused and motivated teams who are responsive and nimble
  • Establish milestones – structured feedback with stakeholders
  • Integrate QA early – include quality analysts in the team right from the design phase

Our teams are motivated and focused because we work through unknown variables together and establish our priorities.

Then we develop the plan around the stages of project delivery

  • Problem analysis – work very closely with clients in order to gain business insight
  • Requirements – define the problem and identify requirements, refine business logic as needed
  • Project planning – establish milestones as the clear path for clients and developers
  • Design – focus on refining design while keeping in mind future needs
  • Development – deliver one milestone at a time while anticipating implications
  • Documentation – begin at the design stage and continue through development and QA
  • Knowledge transfer – share all critical knowledge throughout the duration of the project
  • Quality assurance – perform exhaustive and controlled tests on a variety of platforms and under realistic conditions
  • Deployment – handle mission critical and large user base deployments smoothly
  • Maintenance & support – remain focused on our clients' projects past production deployment

This approach, along with our extensive experience, keeps our projects on track, and allows us to deliver solutions that exceed our clients' expectations.

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