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Customer Experience

Our Customer Experience Services

FD provides value-driven ways to understand and meet the market demands for customer products and services. We improve website quality to a level that entices people to visit our customers’ sites and participate in their programs. We are confident that we will exceed your expectations with our award-winning service across a diverse range of tools and solutions.

Sitecore DMS wheel. A teal section consists of goals & engagement values, and engagement analytics. A blue section consists of campaign management, rules-based personalization, and AB split & MV testing. An orange section consists of personas & profiling, predictive personalization, and engagement automation. A purple section consists of email campaigning, sales enablement with CRM integration, and social integration.

FD is proud to be a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and a Sitecore Customer Experience Partner. Our customer experience team provides integrated platforms to plan, deploy, and manage internet applications across and beyond the enterprise for:

  • Analytics
  • Commerce
  • Digital Strategy
  • Accessibility & Usability
  • Mobility
  • Personalization
  • Trouble-Free Migrations & Upgrades

With Sitecore, FD customer experience services help:

  • Provide an Easy and Intuitive Platform – Allow content authors and web administrative staff to manage the content of the website without the need for IT staff.
  • Increase Awareness – Use the platform in the future to further enhance Web 2.0 and interactivity as technology progresses.
  • Present Comprehensive Information – Offer an easy to use yet sophisticated search engine providing easy access to people and both structured and unstructured information.
  • Enable Business Growth– Allow you to pull together the best of back revenue engines and leading-edge social networking tools – the next frontier driving awareness to creating revenue.

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