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Your data is a treasure trove of knowledge – we help you mine and extract that knowledge to gain competitive advantage. Big Data

Kx Systems is a wholly owned company of our parent, First Derivatives plc.

Kx consists of a suite of data analytics-products centred around kdb+, the world’s fastest time series database. Kdb+ is optimized for ingesting, analyzing, and storing massive amounts of data. The combination of the columnar design of kdb+ and its in-memory capabilities means it offers many times greater speed and efficiency than alternatives. Its native support for time-series operations vastly improves both speed and performance of queries, aggregations, analytics, and machine learning for application providers and a range of industries including Financial Services, Telco, Pharmaceutical and Utilities.

Kx diagram of solutions: extreme performance database, powerful query language, flexible integration, Real-time and historic data, streaming event processing, and as well as in-memory, relational and columnar.

The challenges for business and organizations include:

  • How to use this time-series data to make better-informed decisions to drive real business benefits.
  • Evaluating what platforms and analytic tools can help deliver this.
  • How to store and query the data efficiently.

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