Rigorous testing with the right approach ensures successful delivery

Reduce risk with the best plan

Like any governing body, our Software Quality Assurance (QA) team provides an expert third party whose sole objective is to find and resolve areas of risk and points of failure.

Depending on your project, using the cloud for software testing can provide increased flexibility and reduce costs. We can help determine if this is the right approach for your project.

With 28 years of software development and quality assurance experience, strict methodologies and cutting edge tools, we offer:

A complete quality plan process honed on hundreds of mission-critical projects
A team of experts trained to test pre-production as if they were the live solutions, minimizing post-go-live challenges
The creation of use cases and test plans using scripts based on real-world scenarios
The design and execution of detailed test cases by experts trained to find the subtle nuances that often escape general observation
Regular tracking and reporting to project stakeholders on quality assurance testing results so all parties are aware of progress

Benefit from a flexible approach

Our flexible approach allows us to adapt our quality life cycle and methodologies to replicate those being used or advocated by our customers. This means we’re able to accommodate each customer’s distinctive requests and work hand-in-hand with internal staff when needed. Some of our past in tandem Software QA services include:

Inviting a customer’s internal software QA staff to participate in functional testing at our office before a major release.
Providing our services to customers onsite to partake in their SIT, SAT, and UAT test cycles.
Delivering extensive test plans and reporting QA progress using our customer’s internal format and defect tracking systems.

While our typical quality assurance management plan encompasses quality planning, control, assurance and improvement, our team’s level of involvement can be tailored to meet each customer’s unique requirements, budgets and needs.

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