Our software development methodology

Software development has been called an art as often as it has been called a science.  At FD Solutions, we recognize that software development is a confluence of both. While no single development process is optimal for all projects, we have evolved an effective approach that helps ensure that our projects result in successful endeavours for our customers.

Affinity Methodology Wheel (PNG)

We hire people who share our passion for technology, efficiency, and innovation. Our team dynamics not only minimize communications difficulties, but also keep motivation high and allow us to react more efficiently to evolving project requirements.

At FD, we have an enviable reputation for consistently creating top quality solutions both on time and on budget.  Regardless of the size of the project, we apply the same principals from the business process to ensure success on each and every project. With an extensive record of tackling the toughest software challenges, First Derivatives Canada combines broad industry experience with deep technical knowledge to deliver insightful software solutions that exceed expectations.

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