Real-time, time series database solutions

FD Solutions has been providing big data solutions for the past decade and has been helping our clients choose the most appropriate technologies to help transform their unwieldy data into actionable intelligence.

When it comes to working with time-oriented data arriving in real time from millions of sensors, smart meters, or other machine-generated sources, FD has real-world experience in providing technology solutions for working with time series data.

Working with time series data has its own challenges:

Data is arriving at an extremely rapid pace – sometimes as high as one million data points per second

The requirement to perform analytics on the disparate pieces of data as it is arriving
Data is collected in massive quantities, often requiring the storage of tens of terabytes of data from thousands of different sources

FD Solutiuons uses our enterprise tools to provide a unique approach for high-performance low-latency software that provides a scalable platform which the database solution can grow. Powering this software is kdb+, an ultra high-speed time-series database from Kx, a First Derivatives company ( that uses an expressive query language called q. This solution is optimized for ingesting and analyzing massive amounts of data in real-time. Industries that can benefit from our time series solution:

  • Utilities – smart meter data management
  • Finance – real-time stock exchange data
  • Telecommunications – mobile phone usage
  • Commercial Properties – Building systems (e.g., HVAC, presence, lights) data analysis


Kx and kdb+ are registered trademarks of Kx Systems, Inc.

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