First Derivatives Canada, Inc.

For 28 years, FD Solutions has been a major force in the design and development of custom software solutions for a variety of clients. Our award-winning achievements reflect a long-standing commitment to quality, reliability and innovation in software design and development. Our diverse customer base helps keep us on top of this complex and changing industry, allowing us to apply state-of-the-art technology to our clients’ needs.

With an emphasis on data-driven websites, we are a powerful link to the potential of the Internet and can use the web to leverage new services and economies. From C#/Java/C++ to scripted languages, JEE to ASP.NET, SQL Server to PostgreSQL, e-commerce to interfacing with legacy systems, we have played a significant role in the design and the development of prominent products, websites, and the technology behind them.

FD Solutions is a division of First Derivatives Canada, a wholly owned subsidiary of First Derivatives plc, a publicly listed company based in the United Kingdom. First Derivatives plc is a software consulting and technology company with over 1,900 employees worldwide.


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