We have a strong base of experience in the energy sector having worked with ISO’s/IMO’s, LDC’s and Government bodies. We know how to build solutions to handle the real-time, time-series big data generated in the energy sector today.

FD Solutions Powers London Hydro’s New Website

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Ontario Ministry of Energy Develops Green Button Standard for Ontario

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We have experience delivering solutions to handle real time data with stock ticker information for subscription services managing large data feeds.

Reducing Risk by Fighting Fraud and Money Laundering

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Our solutions in the healthcare industry are designed to ensure security and privacy of sensitive patient data without compromising performance.

Business Intelligence Leads to Improved Senior Care

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Our solutions in the insurance industry supports group health benefits and sophisticated fraud prevention system.

Updated Code for Better Browser Compatibility

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Our experience in the retail category has involved E-Commerce solutions, specifically with complex catalogues with many promotional variables and a high-speed, high-performance online gaming site.

Centralizing Registration Data for Canada’s Largest Gift Show

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Our experience in the media industry has involved solutions to handle sales data for Canadian book industry, real-time financial information and delivery of reference material for MBA program.


We have extensive experience building E-Commerce platforms. Solutions that handle complex catalogues, publishing and royalty payments, ensure secure payment and PCI compliance.

Real Estate

We’ve updated the commercial online portal for a large Canadian brokerage while improving functionality & usability.

Internet Services

Our solutions for internet services involve scanning, evaluating and harnessing the information on the web to better inform and protect companies.

FD Solutions Creates a Technology Platform that Delivers Online Brand Protection

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Answering the Big Questions

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We have developed projects in the education sector, specifically an online portal for case studies and a solution that connects student information across franchises, tracks attendance and marks.

Ivey Publishing System Provides Scalable Integrated Solution

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QA Testing Results in Superior Performance Under Load

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